Plexus Slim Review Weight Loss Progress with the Pink Drink

November 5th, 2011 by christie

Plexus Slim Review Series 2

Plexus Slim Review the Pink Drink weight loss

Week 3

Plexus Slim has helped me get started in losing the weight that I have piled on since the day I said “I DO”.  I have splurged on many occasions, and I have had an extremely hard time to get the extra weight off on my own.  I was having a hard time motivating myself to get moving and do something about all this extra fat.   I am so glad to have found out about Plexus Slim.   I’ve been on Plexus Slim for a few weeks now and have lost 15 pounds and a whole pant size.  I haven’t used the Accelerator yet, but I may try it next month.  I drink Plexus Slim twice a day.  I make sure I drink it 30 minutes before I eat my breakfast and start to drink my second one by 2:45pm.  This way once I am home I don’t snack awhile before I eat supper like I used to do.

 It really helps to cut my appetite and also helps me not to have a desire to snack during the day or eat sweets. One day at work, after drinking my pink drink, I got so busy that I forgot to eat breakfast, and I wasn’t hungry at all.  I drank water for the next hour and waited to eat my lunch.  Now, I fill up faster, and it is helping me to realize that I don’t need to eat much food to feel full.   Since I have been taking Plexus Slim, I am realizing portion control again; I am able to exert willpower over food, and I don’t feel sluggish anymore after lunch.  I am able to sleep much better at night, and I feel energized throughout the day.  I encourage everyone to try Plexus Slim.  If you can’t take the Accelerator, then just try the Pink Drink twice a day like I’ve been doing.

ProBio5 can be used with Plexus Slim

I have recently taken the saliva test, which indicated that I have a Candida yeast condition, so I have started taking ProBio5 to get the yeast under control, and it will hopefully help propel additional weight loss.  I am excited to share my success with Plexus Slim today, and in the future, I will get to share bigger and greater testimonies about myself and others that are joining me in this journey.

Breast Cancer Drug Tied to Diabetes in Older Women

October 20th, 2011 by christie

From Fox News

Older women taking the breast cancer drug tamoxifen may have an increased risk of developing diabetes, a new study suggests. The findings, reported in the journal Cancer, do not prove that tamoxifen directly leads to diabetes in some women. But researchers say it is plausible that in women with known risk factors for diabetes – like obesity or family history of the disease – tamoxifen furthers the risks somewhat.

To read the full article, Breast Cancer Drug Tied to Diabetes in Older Women

Jar of Dr. Spencer's Breast Cream from Plexus Pink Drink, Breast Cancer, Breast Health, diabetes, Plexus Slim, tamoxifenAccording to the article, tamoxifen is the drug of choice for women with early-stage breast tumors that are estrogen-receptor-positive, meaning that the hormone estrogen fuels their growth.  It says that these types of tumors account for 70 percent of breast cancer cases. Along with treating cancer, tamoxifen is also sometimes prescribed to women to lower their risk of getting breast cancer.  So, tamoxifen may lead to diabetes and even other side effects that may be more harmful to women taking the drug.

Plexus Worldwide was originally started as a company dedicated to breast health.  While the Pink Drink (Plexus Slim powder) is a wonderful product for those who might be considered “at-risk” for diabetes, Plexus also has several breast health products, including Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream.  When used to massage your breast daily, it can promote increased circulation and facilitate lymphatic drainage of the breast tissue.  In fact, a recent study of 4,700 women found that women who wore bras demonstrated a statistically significant increase in breast cancer incidents; this is believed to be due to the constant pressure that the bra places on the breasts, which may limit the flow of toxins that might otherwise be removed from the breast.

I am also told that Dr. Spencer’s Breast Cream can be effective when used as a healing agent for the following:

  • Sores and Scabs
  • Psoriasis
  • Moles
  • Mosquito bite itch
  • Spider Veins
  • Rosacea
  • Sunspots
  • Sunburn
  • Chap lips
  • Razor burn, and more…

Massaging your breasts daily, in addition to making you more aware of changes in your breasts, will also remind you to perform a monthly breast check, and Plexus has a kit for that too!  The Breast Chek Kit is used to enhance your sense of touch, improving the effectiveness of all the breast self exams you do as part of your breast health program.

Plexus Slim Welcome to my new Pink Drink website!

October 11th, 2011 by christie

the Plexus Slim Pink Drink LogoHello everyone, my name is Christie de la Bretonne, and I am embarking on a new journey in weight loss.  I’ve been looking for the best type of supplement to lose weight and finally found it - Plexus Slim!!!  The Pink Drink!

Plexus Slim, the Pink Drink, is an all natural powder that you shake-up in a 12-20 oz. bottle of water and drink it 30 minutes before you eat.  The Plexus Slim drink is taken once a day or twice a day.  I like the taste, and the Pink Drink cuts my appetite.  I no longer binge eat, and I get full faster.  I’ve been taking Plexus Slim for over a week now and have lost 9 lbs. total so far.  I haven’t used the accelerator pill yet, but I know if I did I could lose weight much faster; however, I would like to keep at the pace I am going for now.  I feel better, I don’t crave sweets, and I sleep better.

The Accelerator pill that can be purchased with the Plexus Slim powder will increase your weight loss; however, if you are taking high blood pressure (HBP) medication, you would need to consult with your doctor before taking this pill.  It is advised not to take the pill if you are on other medications that are for a heart condition or related to your heart unless you check with your doctor.   The Plexus Slim powder can be sold separately.

Please check out my website and products, and let me know when you are interested in purchasing.  Either call, email, post a note, or order off my website.  I am excited to start seeing the weight come off, and I know you will be too.  I am looking forward to hearing from you and servicing your weight loss needs.  Thanks and God Bless!

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